10 richest businessmen in Romania

Businesses in Romania have taken a great shot. Dinu Patriciu ranks first among billionaires with a fortune estimated at 1.9-2 billion euros He owns 25% of the Rom Petrol company with an estimated 450-550 million euros.

He is also the owner of EuroJet, an airline company offering company-based flight capabilities in over ninety locations across 34 international locations. based on consultancy made public in 500 billion Adevărul desirable.

Patriciu owns real estate initiatives of about 500 million euros, amounting to 25% to 100%. an additional challenge. The businessman invested 35 million euros. He has invested so far seven hundred million euros, which returns to an annual production of 15%. Enterprise in IT containers of 80 million euros, two in the Netherlands in alternative energy and private property of 110 million euros – a home in Snagov, a mansion in Saint Martin, an apartment in Paris, two yachts and a personal airplane .

. For me, individually, the wonderful part is the contrast of wealth, I will be able to pay extra attention when studying the chapter, “Dinu Patriciu mentioned in the adventure occasioned by the launch of the good.


On the 2nd place among the richest people in Romania is Ion Tiriac, Businessman holds 990-1 billion euros. Winner of the 1970 edition of the Rolland Garros tennis event along Ion Tiriac’s business in real estate, property, auto, and banking. Ion Tiriac

Adevarul 500 says Ion Tiriac is the principle in Forbes’s exact billionaire launched in 2007. Tiriac Holdings has posted a turnover of 1.6 billion euros for the past 12 months. however, the highest revenue – 900 million euros – was directed in 2007 with the automotive division, the business will focus on real estate.

Therefore, Tiriac objectives to keep the 1 million square meters developed land. The businessman has so far invested 300 million euros, based on the facts included in the excellence, probably the most current real estate projects under development are “Residenz” and “Stejarii”. The company intends to complete the development of a mall in Timişoara, complete an analogous mission to Brasov and deliver an industrial and logistic park to Otopeni.

3rd place is occupied by Zoltan Teszari, owner of RDS & RCS, one of the largest cable providers in Europe. Teszari has an estimated fortune of 900 million euros and a business in IT, energy, real estate and capabilities. The business it carries out in 2007 has a turnover of 346.5 million euros, raising the RDS and RCS prices to about 2 billion euros, based on the correct 500 billion Truth.

In the 4th position, richer Romanian billionaires, with a fortune estimated at 850 million euros, are the brothers Emil Cristescu and Marius, homeowners from a community called Bega

The Bega Community includes 29 impartial businesses in the chemical industry, oil drilling, automotive, mining, automotive and rail transport, commerce, travel and tourism services, civil and industrial construction, consultancy. the largest corporations are Drilling Surveys, Chimforex, Bega Imobiliare, Faur, Bega Electromotor and Bega Ermat.

Business in Romania also owns the Media Group, the reality of Catavencu and Sorin Ovidiu Vantu. This is the fifth wealthy one. The fortune is estimated at 800-850 million Euros.

Some of the largest deals closed in 2007 by the use of a Romanian businessman were the sale of Petromservice to OMV for 328 million euros. In addition, during this 12-month period, SOV launched an innovative promotional gadget – Monopoly, which consists of installing more than 600 flat monitors in all Bucharest subway stations, as a result passengers could see information, advertising spots , entertainment programs and positive tips.

After the death of Constantin Dragan, his wife, Veronica Dragan, took over the 800 million-euro family unit, occupying the sixth place in Adevărul 500, the richest Romanian.

According to the richest Romanians, he belongs to Steaua Bucharest, George Becali. With a fortune valued at seven hundred 750, Becali takes the seventh place. The businessman owns 26% of the Steaua football club, the palace on Alexandru no. 1, Bucharest, and some current buildings
Army shareholder, Dragasani mechanical plant, arcov avicola Iasi and Arco

Bobby and Rasvan Paunescu are the eighth most wealthy Romanians with a total fortune of seven hundred million euros, and the Company in the real estate, media, transport and tourism sectors. The company intends to create the division option
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