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20 Free Tools Your Small Business Should Be Using Today

your small business needs a healthy amount of software to perform operations, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on web-based products. In our comprehensive testing of business and consumer software, we’ve seen dozens of incredible and free solutions that can help you get the job done. We tested free tools in almost all aspects of the business – from email marketing to final project management protection.

20 free tools that your small business should use. Fortunately for you, all the software listed below provides premium versions that you can update once your business grows.

1. Endpoint Protection from Avast What is the point of growing a business if it can be stopped by viruses or hackers? Protection for the Avast lens comes in a free and premium version, both of which protect your network well.

2. Project Management at Wrike Wrike project management solution is one of the best in the market, the Free Version supports up to five users, an unlimited number of collaborators, and 2GB of free storage.
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If you just start and your team is small, the free project management tool will be perfect for you.

3. video conference If you want to connect with potential customers and remote workers, you will need a reliable video conferencing solution to help you get the job done. offers a free plan that lets you invite up to 10 video participants, share screens, and accept up to five video streams.

4. Tracking Apps from Zoho Recruit Small businesses that do not have job openings will often lure Zoho Recruit. This candidate tracking tool gives you access to a single recruiter and up to five open positions at a time. You will be able to enter, post and watch works until you find the right candidate for your specific business needs.

5. Managing Human Resources from the Deputy Once you have found the right candidate, you will need to track the progress of the candidate by means of a human resources management tool (HR). The MP offers a startup plan that costs only $ 1 per employee per month.

The Deputy will allow you to schedule employee exchanges, advertise your company, and manage tasks, all in one easy-to-use tool.

6. Accounting from Wave Your employees will definitely want to be paid. So your owner and your utility provider. To maintain your balance, you can use Wave. With the free Wave version, you’ll get accounting and reporting features, you’ll be able to create and scan invoices, and you can scan your receipts directly into your system.

7. Planning Your EquityNet If your business is still trying to attract investors, EquityNet offers a free advertising platform that will help you plan, analyze and share your business plan with investors.

8. Social Media from HootSuite Most small businesses do not need a mega platform of social listening. A free, easy to use dashboard that lets you stay up to date with what your customers say should be enough. Fortunately, Hootsuite offers a free version of its software that is good enough to do the trick.

9. Mail Marketing from MailChimp MailChimp is one of the best and most popular marketing platforms on the market. Service levels are evaluated based on the number of emails sent per month. If your company sends less than 12,000 emails to less than 2,000 subscribers, you will absolutely love the MailChimp Forever Free plan.

10. CyberGhost is the best free VPN on the market. Provides reliable connection speeds and excellent network security, plus it works on the most up-to-date operating systems (OS). It is somewhat difficult to configure, especially for really small businesses. But if you only need something simple, easy and free, CyberGhost is an excellent tool.

11. View Tableau Public Data If you need a data viewer but you do not have a coin on Tableau Desktop,
This product gives you access to live visuals that can be created and seen on mobile devices and access to Google and Microsoft document managers. You can visually share yourself on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

12. Business Intelligence from Microsoft Power Microsoft Power BI is available in a paid and free BI (self-service business intelligence) version.
To consume live data sources, scan millions of rows of data, or access data on a physical server,

13. Document Management Zoho DocsZoho Docs is an ideal document management solution for small businesses with light documenting tasks. In addition to the Zoho ecosystem plug-ins, the Zoho Docs free plan is available for up to 25 users and includes 5 GB of storage per user.
The free plan also includes unlimited file and folder sharing, desktop sync,

14. Zoho DeskZoho’s Helpdesk software also lists his rich-touch support software, Zoho Desk. The free version gives you a variety of ways to work with your team, a customizable help center, a knowledge base, community forums and the ability to rebrand visuals according to your business needs.

15. E-Commerce software from X-CartFor is a powerful solution. X-Cart 5, which is the free version name, provides advanced features such as newsletters, social-commerce sharing, and a site builder to change themes.

16. Developing eLearning from H5PA Although H5P is not the most powerful eLearning creation tool on the market, this open source software is an excellent startup option if you dive into the content creation area or if you do not have the budget devote to a stronger instrument.

17. Scanning documents from Evernote ScannableScannable, a new application from Evernote, quickly scans stack of business cards, notes from a meeting, and documents using just your smartphone and camera. When you scan multiple documents in one session, each is treated as a separate note in Evernote and not as a note with multiple embedded images. This is a great idea for collecting and organizing business cards.

18 SurveyGizmo’s Survey Online software is not a better way to take the proverbial temperature of your customer base than with an online survey tool. SurveyGizmo’s free plan does not limit the number of polls, questions or answers you manage, which is an extraordinary value.

19. Apptivo CRM offers a free startup plan for up to three users, designed to ease you into the complicated world of customer data.

20. Agiloft contract management If you need basic contract management, try Agiloft. The free plan accepts 10 registered users and you will have access to 30 days of customer service.
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