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5 Tipps für erfolgreiches B2B Online Marketing in 2019 | morefire

the customer journey is becomingmore and more complex in b to b the customerjourney has always been complex we havelong decision-making cycles we havethe notorious buying center made up ofspecialist departments purchasing departmentsmanagement maybe rightat the start the assistant to themanagement but according to a newstudy by the goal is the sessionsthe customer journeyhas become 22 percent longer in the last five yearsthis is because more and more content*12providers users get information viadifferent channels acrossdifferent platforms and yourjob with tyler beechey isin every company level in the purchase decision process,that means content where the generalinformation that almost but also then ofcourse with explicit informationabout your product you have to bepresent on google where the searchstarts but then also shiftsto the website youtube is used as asource of information social networks like xing facebook maybe even instagram*12you have to be present with differentcontent form and the earlier you are presidentand if you are then present throughout the entirecustomer journey,the probability is that youwill get the degree the biggest thing in the video ishow he does both online and offlineso forget this separation betweenonline marketing and offline marketingrather uses both channels or bothsides coordinate the measuresyou take that yousay, for example, you have a*12and you do online marketing to get peopleto the stand or you doan event where you invite yourpotential customers or existingcustomers and do theinvitation management and the acquisition ofparticipants can do wonderfully via xingor you have a fantasticblog article whohas generated a lot of attention makesa youtube video and then alsomakes sure that trade journalswrite about it in print, maybe*12and then also publish this e-book in printform so that the d’usabooth can be shared with people inyou can shake hands so you can dovetail your onlineand offline measures wonderfullyand since there are so manypoints of contact it is important that you can then also record asmany touch screens as manycustomer contact points aspossible in a crm whereall the data then comestogether so that you know whichmeasures then evaluated what*12don’t make yourself dependent ongoogle google is the first point of contact formany searches, also in the b2b sectorwe cannot prevent thatand we also see that thecompetitive situation in see and also withgoogle ads has become significantly moreintense in recent years this hasresulted in this s the click prices for googleads have risen sharply and in the end thatmeans nothing other thanthat google incorporates more and more of themargin from you as a b2b advertiser*12that’s why you make sure that you have contentthat attracts usersthat means good sound on the websitehate which you can then play out in the bug singhlinkedin facebook youtube and whatever channelsyou like and alsoreach users via it ensures that you arevisible on specialist pages industryportals with your content and then ensuresthat users come to yourwebsite and then, for example, viae-books, case studies, whitepapers,you get the user data so that you can then*12with your content via marketing automation at the push of a button andnot when it suits google.

this makesyou significantly more independent ofgoogle brands and stories arealso to-b more important than tobi meansbusiness-to-business but actuallyk on people from other people andthere are several factors that decide that issympathy in the first step becausei never find someone idislikeable otherwise theintro motion tracker is difficult trustand competence assumption these are the*12use ensures that acompany or a brand is madeand you can do that by showing thecaptivatingstories of how your offers your productshave solved customer problems alsoshow real people and howthese stock photos are best with theheadset also this funny stock photolady the then on the phone no showsreal people with whom you can get in contactand if these people solve the problemsof your customers then you are*12then you also get the authority forthe topic and the challenge isreally entertaining content toshapea beautiful ge layer andat the same time tell how yousolve their customers’ problems thenyour potential customers i lovestart with you marketing and salesneed to be connected in manycompanies we still seemarketing and salessitting in different offices different roadmaps*12n’t really work together at all,but sometimes even have feelingsagainst each other and marketingcomplains about the fact that heshould be appointed to sales somehow thegrandiose how are you getting caught upin customer and salessay yes but they were totalrubbish and all that means that thecompany cannot really growand if your company is to growthen you have to best put marketing and salesin one room so that they work*12build on each other and soyou can ensure that thecompany looks extremely harmonious in the external presentationand youalso makeoffers to solve customers’ problemsand if you achieve that then you will getbetter leeds inyou will know more precisely what thequality is like, where the good songs come fromand what the sales department has to do to deal withthe inquiries to turn the leads into customersand if you really*12same marketing office grabbed him in salesproduct developmentis still there that means if product developmentand marketing and sales work very closelytogether then youwill have products that keep getting betterand are always better tailored to the needs of themarket and then marketing such products andwinning customers for them is much easierthose were the five recommendations for yourb to b marketing occupation the whole thingnow at step 1 look at the statusquo are you in you are present throughout the customer*12offline measures dovetail and you usemore platforms you are present on googlewith your seo measures you arepresent with google ads you use youtubefacebook instagram linkedin xing des acopresentation on slideshare almostall possible content formats to bepresentif if that is not the case thenmake sure there are two things to do now talk about thesolutions you offer and not aboutthe features of a product tell stories abouthow your*12problems and really drive this storycompletely through the entirecustomer journeywith it users understand that you make their livesmore beautiful better more successfulstep number three combinestep one and step 2 ensuresthat you are present throughout the entire customer journeywith the right messages,which means that at every stage in the purchase decision-making process you havethe rightmessage that the user in themoment just ve probably interested*12story that always comes to thesame result, namely that yousolve your customers’ problems andyou can only do that if you take care of marketingand sales together and work on acommonroadmap to achieve these goalsand if you implement these three steps nowand a company you willachieve very good results in the next few months iliked the video andyou want more tips on howto bring your b2b online marketing forward*12description have prepared an exciting ebookfor you and subscribe tothis channel because there is alwaysfresh food here thank you[music]

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