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Prima pagină » afaceri nr.1 » Der Dolomiten-Höhenweg Nr.1 | Wandern im Gipfelparadies | Doku | Bergauf-Bergab | BR

Der Dolomiten-Höhenweg Nr.1 | Wandern im Gipfelparadies | Doku | Bergauf-Bergab | BR

no matter where you look turn 360degrees you always have only therei found that very nicethe mountains are in impressive massivepartly walls high in the sky givenevery day from 9 to 11[music]dear viewers hello staysdownhill too it is Not so longago, hiking wasabout one of thecoolest activities you could do as a young person,*12Hiking may no longer meanhiking, but hut trekking orbackpacking, but in principle it is exactlythe same as it used to be and it ispopular not only with older peoplebut also and especially with younger peopletoday we will show you one of themost beautiful hikes youcan ever do in the alps and aboutwhich menzel made avery nice film a few years ago thedolomiten höhenweg number oneWhat a rock a traveling geologist was happy in 1792*12surprised that it was still AD amenlos wasonly years later it was named afterits discoverer the lord is francewas called dollarthese dolomites are among the mostmagnificent mountain landscapes onearth in2009 some parts received the seal ofworld heritage[music]when i developed alpinism in the eighteenth centurythe firstmountaineers pioneered the tourism*12flockedto picturesque corners such asthe sei wildsee park and thehotel that opened there in 1899the influx to the most beautiful lake in thedolomites is unbrokenand some visitors may think for amoment about the term recreational paradisedespite the hustle and bustle of tourists,this place radiates a magicthat no one can escape from.

according to legend, one could reach the subterranean parts of the rooster kingdomby boat through a gate at the southern end of the lake*12that laporta or thorberg curves for the lakegoes back to this legendand this is exactly where afabulously beautiful Dolomitecrossing begins with a longuphill curve to the lake and with thelongest downhill at the big finale inthe southern scalethere are about 150 kilometers in between, depending on your choice in nine to 13daily stages through a grandiosemountain world from the pragser wildsee tobelluno*12on this path the dolomiteshöhenweg number one go erwin,katrin and christian well i’m lookingforward to the last part especiallyi think that’s it Where it gets a littlequieter there are probably even fewer peopleand the via ferrata I’mcurious how it will be what Iexpect from the tour is just beautifullandscapes beautiful mountains and yes the coursewill be these expectations should cometrue because of the good weather ispredicted and for the beautiful*12practical part, can almost g guaranteeyes, mountains are everyday life that’s quite simple that’s howyou grow at grad in my time whenyou were born on a farm andthe need grows and then you’re on the road practically every day, especially in the summer and that’s nothingmore than normal being on the mountainhasn’t changed since he wasyoung it’s become a vocation ofcourse you’ve experienced it from a young ageand if you like it thenyou can actually make it mucheasier and much simpler than someone*12it’s normal to do it all manypeople simply do something completely different andmove aroundon the mountain although they are not at home here unimaginable for him ofcourse the mountain guide professionhas changed a lot has become more diverseand so a long-distance hiking trail also hasa thoroughly attractive sidefor him because you are somaybe the mountains that you reallyknow inside and out from d en theclimbing routes that you have done there canbe looked at a little more relaxed*12,so erwin will be able to enjoy his mountains froma different perspective and at adifferent pace and absorb the impressions ofthe changing landscapesand work them outthere will be many of them because of theten official dolomite mountain trails, the number one among connoisseurs is considered themost beautiful one of these unforgettabledolomite splendor views welcomeshikers at the end of the first stage,where the panorama suddenly widens and*12plateaus of frose and his alps into the distance[music]also wanders to montebello, who will be hisalmost constant companion during the rest of the tour.

as a mountain guide, erwin has afeeling for how he can motivate his companionsand so he wants to make the detour to thesummit of the kofel lake don’tmiss katrin and christian ste thesummitpromises aspecial mountain experience even on thefirst day*12high seko lot leads straight to thehighest point of the entire route thelittle extra tour was worth it thepeak that breaks off steeply to the north ismarked in addition, not only the northern edge ofthe dolomites but also the borderbetween south tyrol and the province of bellunoall around are the famous dolomitepeaks paradeerwin finishes part of the summitpuzzle the peak over there the stuffwith the red rock that is the highspirit vitalinus also means big because of*12it’s also here in thefanes sennes praxis nature park the mostpublic 3000 sooriginally written and also a verydemandingmatter to climb to the summit and so the wholespaness area where our further awaynow were it is also known bythe saga the kingdom of fans is the flagis queen a ladin saga tellsof theking’s greed and thirst for power who leads his peaceful rangeexperienced in the inevitable the gang*12[music]even the king’s daughter the warriorprincess dollar villa is abused as aninstrument of power andultimately killed by aruse remains aking turned to stone false kingpanzer regionand the prophecy of a promisedtime to which the descendants of the people nowhave toevaluate were inspiredif arrigorriaga 2 0 goals since the lago*12backthe group of perpetrators is getting closer the call thehut is undoubtedly arecommendable place to rest butearly in the morning you can also ignore such a huton weekends especially in augustit’s like teaching in the forest in a well-populated Italian pedestrian zonethe approach routes are short and easyand the scenery around thepicnic area on the gold is one of thefinest that the dolomites have to offerchristian is particularly interested in*12mamut onewe have to together before you reallywanted because now it will be easy topullthis section is probably the mostfrequented of the entire routebecause the distances between the goodhuts are small, the ascents and descents aregood and because thepath on a balcony 1200 meters high above thecordero lethal breathtakingly close underthe mighty north-west face skiwetter[music]*12is the proximity to the dolomites giantsat the tc today you can hardlywalk past time for the small detour shouldalways bethe reward for it is a box seat with aguaranteed view of civetta mostly[music]and a bit above anyway the hut on the col deattracts the special mountaineeringperspective from top to bottom inthe cordevalle valley with the kill youwin, kathrin and christian explainthe special nimbus of the jetta or with the*12it is 3200 meters wall height and justmy storm and it was very muchin vogue that especiallyleather but even more important for the planthe difficulties in the year was stillunderstandable if this wallchallenges every extreme climber itis one of the most powerfulbands escapes of the limestone alps as solid andlettenbauer as the first to climbthe wall was successful the route was considered themost difficult climb in the alpsgustav lettenbauer accompanied the*12alabama vietoris hitmy arm found minutecould figure out how to help estherit can nolonger be responsible for giving up to others theglory of a first ascent leavingwas out of the question for the rope teamin August 1925 they reached the summit unharmed inthe moonlight and wrote a piece ofalpine climbing historythe same route runs and that upto the end of höhenweg 1, thedream path munich*12goes on which you have to which theski weather meazza massif separated from the tamargo to thesouththe overnight stay at the duran pass in thesan sebastian vettel can you can nolonger say he mountain house has extremelypositive sides one of them is the goodhospitality another a notself-evident service of the innkeeperfar hikers who plan the big finale on thearm allvia ferrata can send their via ferrata equipment here ahead of time the good accessibility is thanks to the mountain inn thepass road such sections*12but are happy when a narrowpath leads back to the bed area five hourswalking time are estimated for today’s stage upto the campaign killsoon everyone has found their rhythmbetween concentrating on their ownstep and taking in of the mightylandscapes a constant alternationbetween near and far[music]although a light wind is constantly blowing from the west today,but in the endthe rays of the midday sun have*12could be that each of the three is alreadythinking of a resting place a better onethan the kaze ramos canhardly be seeneven the fountain findshonorable mention in the relevant guidesthe feel-good factor isobvious that’s what I’vealways particularly liked about thedolomites because of the contrasts in the meantimereally this very alpine fallsenergy and then again and again greenpastures and H ie the ones further south you*12weather is nicer here toshopitaly it has also gone furtherevery day with a newlaw on[music]the long days of being on the road aredays of intense experience encounterswith like-minded people with the historywith nature and with oneselfthe appeal of a hike in the forest is simplythe experience that one is fromcivilization i would say almost*12experience nature more and sometimes is foroneself simply because one does not have thatusual that you say okay i have mybeard i have my warm water ican go to the supermarket in the cornerand i am from the landscape thischange that you experience when you walkfurther distances like this is achievedthe thoughts were partly like that so they didn’tperceive itwas partly really concentrating on nature andon the surrounding area and partly thefeeling you don’t think anything at all and it’s*12[music]at the end of a wide meadow saddle,erwin christian and kathrin head fora small original and, as thedescriptions say, mostly moderatelyfrequented hut and are violentlysurprised at the back of this lonelymountain Seems to be the future Talks to meet half thehiking world A quick glance bythe arrivals at thecommon sleeping quarters still suggests a certain level of cosiness,butfirst the full*12demanded [music] [applause] the dishes served must be ordered according to the exact order but the size of theportions must be so today you can be a bitmodest but instead enjoy the sociable roundintensivelyat least until it is timefor bed in a single room with 48tired hikers, even if there is only one, getting up and saying goodbye to the ramp waseasy this timealso saved the weather report promisesw nothing good and maybe there issomewhere it should bea short stage to the piazza fontanaa cozy place for a*12with the slight increase in scampia cdu thereis another summit parade to takewith very little ones on the eisenberg and[music ]with large peaks[music]the high region of the participants with thespaciousness andloneliness tempts the hiker to actually slow downconcentration requires thenarrow, somewhat exposedclimb that turns hiking into a slightclimb it goes up to the plate when the day-*12resting placethe morning tirednesshas long since beenforgotten last nightfortunately we help quite abit i think i already have a few tailors in the hut and i was quite happy thati didn’t go up and downcraxi must the three bunk beds that we’ve beenup sl what i old hut that hasremained like the italian hats were 15or 20 yearsago the bunk beds squeak in some cases even three times as highand since the whole sanitary facilities are still*12bad we’re actually used to itand you feel maybe evenoptically and transported back to the timewhen you were out and about climbing a lotyourself,but we have also experienced it inother ways.

Most of the remaining hutshave become relatively comfortableand the direction is anyway thatthe huts are becoming more and more comfortable withshower and multi-bed rooms so nomore dormitories from which he thinksthat with a worse transition to when*12faint hint of the south authorities arenow awaiting us the descentdown to we have the fontana hutwhich is very nice so than you alsospeaks of one of the most romantic placesin the dolomites where we are nowget there formulatednow we see that clear that i nowthe group of teachers with left very distinctivemontebello and the saddle lived butit is necessary you have to go there tomorrow thati make the mistakes to thank youcut off he just it goes*12the straight up and then backover the steep wall down and at the veryback it’s more[music]sometimes it’s just small things thatcreate feelings of happinessthe alpine landmark that chiara thedistinctive needles go seliwerstowaaccompanies the trio down into awildly romantic oasisthe knowing the dolomites especially thepart in the north is good and thedifference is that down here*12vegetation because the sea level is notas high as abovebut they have nevertheless remained verywild of the southern dolomites becausethey are less frequented and alsobecause many of them are simply notprepared as perfectly as they might be in thenorthern areas that are much morefrequented by tourists, such as the federal government, it is[music]in the mild light of the late afternoon andwith southern temperatures it goes down in thepicture reader national park to the*12fontana combined with the hope ofa nice day[music]and the first impression is not deceptivethis time the stay will be more pleasantbefore the organization of the hutevening takes its usual course there is another important question to be clarified, evenif it isno longer meant to be taken seriously by kathrin and christian:the choice of the further path downto the mountain hut and from there continue alongthis beautiful path down to pinaand out to*12stay on the original climb up hereon the celler moll and there istheentrance to the via ferrata, partly via exposed crossings throughthe south war the clear every now and then aboutright on all f If you continue to climb[music] the final day of a long tour inChina can begin[applause]the via ferrata equipment is quickly put on with routine hand movements[music]before the big descent it is*12and if it has beenenough to be able to walk well up to now so now your hands will also have tohelp to movealong the edge that chiara southface you stand like on a balcony withmagnificent caution and noless impressive considerationthat is now rewarded and the citybelowand when we turn around andlook back one last look thedolomites where we hikedfrom now on it goes steeply downhill almost 800*12exciting thing hewanted from katrin and more exciting than hiking isdefinitely a via ferrata and today erwin doesn’t need grips like he usually does onhis climbing tours to look forbut he may on the well-anchoredwire rope shimmying down easy andabsolutely stress-freeso you have made the rightdecisionfor the finale of a famous paththe relevantguides only recommend this two and a half hour descent to hikers with the appropriate practice andexperience in the steep rocky terrain*12I would classify it as moderately difficultcomparedto the other via ferratas thatare available there, most of themlead in hours similarly indicated inmy view that is absolutely sufficient Iknow that this has often been criticized in the meantimethat means everything Ihave to say about it takes longer but ifthat happens to someone, which happens quite often,then maybe he shouldthink about whether the driver in thecar really made a mistake, where grandpa*12slow himself and at the moment abit too rambling about the via ferratabecause that’s not uncommon either[music]r importantfor erwin katrin and christian was that the path wasneither too long nor toodifficult, but a really crowningconclusion to a great,impressive hiking route[music]beautiful steep parts in it you did it well ori thought it was good i said i*12hut has the right answers to thiswith pasta with lots of pasta and severalred ones, the thoughts remain on thenumber one ridgeway the mountains areimpressively massive, some turning 1.

2kilometers long high into the sky and itis impressive what naturehas created for a long time no matter whereyou looked no matter you turned 360degrees you always saw peaks peaks and i thoughtit was very nice[music]if you want to do the dolomites honey number one*12climb almost10,000 meters and 150 kilometerswe will cover only a small fraction of them in exactly one monthon 11 october we organize theteam from bergauf bergab together with thecolleagues from the rucksack radio a day inthe tegernsee mountains which we want to spend togetherwith some of our viewersso with a bit ofluck you can also be there thecloser details about the whole thingyou can find us on the internetthank you for watching and see you*12[music]

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