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Die unglaublichen Häuser der reichsten CEO’s

Wealth may be the common denominator forthis group of people butpriorities vary which is reflected in theway each of thesebusiness models lives whilesome prefer to live simplyothers feel the need to surround themselves with luxury wenow show you the incrediblehomes of the richest ceos of today bossbetter is currently thesecond richest person on the planet hehas been the ceo of amazon since 1994 and hisfortune is estimated at 180 billion*12comes of course manyproperties of which he owns a total of 14 pieces witha total value of 600 milliondollars the properties arelocated in new york californiatexas and washington speaking of washingtonbetters owns the largest housein washington dc which he bought in 2016 for 23million dollars this huge2500 square meter mansion which wasonce a textile museum wasalso a 12 million dolls hasundergone an expensive renovation*12that is also the home of the obamasivanka trump and the kasseler is in the big apple heowns two three man in the world thesame number of pretty homes the newyork apartments have cost you a total of 126 million usdollars and boasts beautifulviews of madison square parkbetters paida record $165 million for hisbeverly hills home the massive ten-acreestate includes a1270-square-footorganic-style main house two guest houses a*12tennis court swimmingpool expansive terraces and a new hole golf course the property dates back tothe 1930’s and was builtby warner bros co-founder jackwarner, who hosts extravagant partiesattended by big names from every industry, from celebrities likeaudrey hepburn to will a stone beforebetter it belonged to the mi dreamworksfounder davidgeffen who has invested an estimated $45 million inrenovations the soz’slatest purchase is a$78 million property in la peru*12sets a record for the most expensive house in maurithe property is at saddle 14acres and comprises of several buildingsincluding a 420 square footmain house and 160 square footguest house both built in hawaiianplantation style a woodpaneled outdoor kitchen and adeck just off the main houseprovide the perfect place toentertain and take in thescenic views there is also a 20square meter pool overlooking the property’s*12sand beach not a bad placeimproved and his partner lorenzsanchez to spend their time nowas better than ceo of amazonresigns all masc has as ceo oftesla spacex and a series othercompanies has accumulated a fortune of $230billion and iscurrently the richestperson in the world has owned at least seven propertiestotaling over $100 millionprimarily in thelos angeles area but in may 2020*12real estate portfolio andhis physical He’ssince moved to Texas, where he’sreportedly living in a $50,000prefab similar to a small one-bedroom apartment.

Start-up Boxe Bild’s collapsible prefab isapparently rented from Muskandsits out of a box on Spacex’s Texas propertyassembled his latestabode offers only the bare essentials a kitchena bed a bathroom and aliving room for the minimalist at*12extensive real estate portfolio mastpaid around $6 75 million in 2013for a house 130 years old byactorjean veil e mask used the 250-square-foot,three-bedroom, three-bathroomranch-style home as a private school forhis six children.

He then sold the property in 2020 for$7 million, but in 2016 paid around $24.

2 million for a new mansion inaffluent Belair neighborhood of los*12a range home but max real estateisn’t just limited to thelr area his lastcalifornia home was inthe san francisco bay area not farfrom tesla’s factory in fremont californiathe 100 year old1490 Located in the ritzy Bay Area suburb of Hillsborough, the 50,000 square footMediterranean-style mansionfeaturesbedrooms, bayviews, walking trails and a ballroom.

Muskbought it in 2017 for $23.

4 million*12a price of $32 million billgates is no longer a target, but heis the founder and retired rte ceo ofmicrosoft what has made him one of themost famous and wealthiest people in theworld bill gates has builta real estate empire over the yearsthe private value ofhis real estate holdings is estimated to be $200 million here hisinvestments through his privateinvestment firm cars kate are notIncluding Gates, he spends most of his time in his 6,000,150-square-foot mansion in Medina*12$63 million to build this splendor of a home that’s packedwith lots of high-tech features.

Money bought the lot in1988 for $2 million, but it’snow the property is nowworth an estimated $130 million inside a high-techsensor system helps guests monitor the climateand lighting of a roomthe home has only eightbedrooms but can accommodate a largecrowd there are 25bathrooms six kitchens and adining room that seats up to 200 people*12pool even includes an underwatermusic system and there is a trampoline roomas well as a home cinema if that is notenough to keep guests entertainedthe house even has its own nameshadow 2.

0 after the house in citizen kanegates also owns a large ranch insouthern california which he bought for $18 millionthe property includesa race track guest house officeveterinary practice and orchardand five trackshe also owns another horse farm*128, $7 million boughtby gates daughter jennifer is an avidhorse rider and they had previously rented the homefor their competitors in floridahis latest acquisitionis a $43 millionoceanfront beach home in san diego the 540square foot home includes sixbedrooms a pool a havenfor ten people and a firethrough his private investment company cachecache money also owns a lot ofland and real estate including*12seasons hotel chain with hotels in atlanta andhouston kate also owns partof the posh charles hotel incambridge massachusetts since 2000 21kate is the largest private farmland ownersin the us according to media reportshe currently owns242,000 acres of farmland and the largestholdings are in louisianakansas and nebraska the next richman on the list has made a namefor himself and amassed a considerable fortuneof which he knew how to*12warren buffett has afortune of almost 120 billion dollarsand is one of the ten richestpeople in the world the total value of hisreal estate will surprise you, itis about 800,000 dollarsand this amount shows hismodesty tohis reserved nature reflectshe recently sold a house in lagunabeach for 11 million dollars but don’tworry he didn’t spend much on ithe only paid 150 thousand dollars*12despite his wealth prefers itjust a few miles from his place ofwork living away hisprimary residence is therefore ina quiet upscale neighborhood inomaha nebraska kafitz’s omaha home is smalland surprisingly affordable he bought the home in1958 for around $31,500 whichis just $250,000today the home will have fivebedrooms and two bathroomsis modest for the area it’s worthabout $*12on less than an acre of land ina relatively remote neighborhooddrill buffett said the home iscomfortable and he sees no reasonto leave, which is a stark contrastthe other people in hiswealth class he is the co-founder and ceo of facebook and metermark zuckerberg is worth $70 billionand the next ceo on thislist he lives in palo alto in acharming $7 million this520 square foot home has*12pool a dining room a glassconservatory and five bedrooms thehouse was built in 1983 at firstglance you would think that zuckerberg invests in hisreal estate just likebuffett don’t worry this is not thecase the luxury floor of the house inwhich the marvel avengers with ai forthe entire house maginstalls a custommade k-assistant in the house whom he evendubbed jarvis this cyber butler isa unique technology that*12and has guests in the house itwas also rumored that zuckerberg paidan estimated $30 million forneighboring property a postedjust to have more privacy according toforbes, larry ellison is the eighthrichest person in the world and hislatest addition is the third largestbeach house in palm beach countrywithin a gated communitywith 11 bathrooms and animpressivearray of antiques, the house is in*12and living room the perfect co istucked away.

The exterior of the propertyincludes a designated area toaccommodate the shop’s private helicopter The Dance The CEO of Oracle has a reputation forreal estate and sometimes quiteunusual real estate such as hispalace in the japanese style with anartificial lake for sale inwoodside california his real estateportfolio spans san francisco malibujapan and its own hawaiianisland of planai these were theincredible homes of*12would you love most If you own ten tellus now in the comments didyou like the video so please give ita thumbsup and in order not to miss any more excitingvideos don’t forgetto subscribe to us now may thewealth be with you[music]

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