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Search engines, such as Google,
track the value of the site.

So how do you structure your net point
and how you connect your pages is vital.

Pages with many targeted interfaces
will seem important to Google,

aging that doesn’t have many hyperlinks
will be less significant to Google.

Therefore think about the structure of
points like a Google guide.

From that moment on, you really want to
imply slogan expressions in the title
and the portrait of the data, if you must be …

Most importantly, confirmation is
necessary and attractive to many people.

Potential posts, and web search tools, must
stimulate interest. whether we are or
we are confident at first.

Therefore high-quality content can
cause Google to rank you higher.

Therefore: when you will be creative in
your marketing will be successful, work
will be appreciated.

have a good ranking!

To qualify, you need to know how to
you have a good ranking to be on
1st place in Google.

Above all, you want this to happen
without too much content or links.

You’re ready to know how
wants Google to be number 1?

Do you think Google is interested
in special SEO mode or can create
links? Let’s be serious.

Let’s face it – Google is concerned
with ranking high-quality pages
to be highly appreciated by readers.

How to rank on Google!

How to position yourself on Google is a
valuable question because:

all Markers
they tend to be perfect, but many of them
give up because the road is difficult.

Therefore: Those who reach the top
of the pyramid are few, very well selected.

If some sites on the front page will
find out, being Unqualified Google
it will eliminate them.

In other words, Google sites are
still there at affordable prices and se
still faces the possibility of victory

Cum sa fii numarul 1 in Google


If you are looking for the word
SEO, do it and click on the second one
page, not the first. Do this on Google.

This page can be deleted.
Rand Fish Kin did an experiment
in which he explained them
to his Twitter friends:

Do a Google search for one
specific page, then click list # 1.

Now exit that page and re-enter
page 4 of the list.

Therefore, you will shoot your own

As a result, Google has moved a page
to the top position, that’s how it got
a top page. And rank.

After that, he later fell for
that people thought the page was
better compared to others.

They did it to get Google to
believe in the short term, so be it.

The best page was helped
by his friends and loyal followers
on Twitter. Google will tell you that
I definitely care about quality pages.

You think you’re strong enough to
change the desire to wake up for a while
short time?

Similarly, several people have tried this
exercise and completed it with results, but
however, after that, they had zero results.

Some people accept non-solemn clicks
on your page more than other pages.

Do you want to generate clicks
immediately? to be the number
1 on Google?

You won’t be ranked 1st on Google. No
quality content,

You will not do that, you will not succeed
in other words, you need a large amount of

However, why are these

clicks needed?

As you know, you are always confronted
with this Google search, every page has
a title, a description, and a URL.

Must include keywords because
People tend to click on that list
contains the keyword or certain
expressions sought.

After that, you need to use keywords
in the title and description information,
if you’re number 1 on Google.

Above all, for many people,
attractive writing is needed.

Possible listings, engines
the search must arouse curiosity.

Learn how to get the title
for number 1 in Google

Step 1 is to get more clicks.

Google Search Console. After you’re done
For all of the above, click on “Search traffic”
then the Search Console will open
in which all the information appears.

That’s how you found it to be the most
effective application to be the number
1 on Google.

How to be number 1 on Google?

I’ll give you an honest answer –
but you will share some quick winnings!

How to rank high on Google?

All the tips I give users
His readers of our blog are limited to
a good thing to put your soul into.

You’re just building a website
if you want performance, By
so you want to be number 1 on Google.

Google wants to offer the best
user result for a specific search query.
Ex. How to be number 1 on Google

If your strategy focuses on being
the best and you want the best result.

The technical design of the site must be
impeccable point speed is one of the
determining factors if you want to get a
good ranking in Google.

After that, speed is an extreme thing

Google uses more to retrieve site pages
and therefore may take longer to index
new content.

Make your site a relatively easy way to
increases your chances of getting a
high ranking in Google.

Use the Google Search Console report
Speed ​​to check if your pages are loading
fast or progressing.

In addition, working with WordPress:
is an SEO friendly platform, and a
the technical aspects are already there
covered there.

Then do SEO!

For all things, you can install
plugin (free)
Yoast SEO for WordPress

This plugin fixes a lot
minor issues with WordPress.

Most important Install the plugin and
use the default settings.
I’m already significantly improving you.

If you make sure you run all updates,
all the important technical aspects of SEO

Shopify is one of the best platforms
e-commerce usually.

Shopify will make sure that
your site is secure. MEETS
the highest SEO technical standards.

In other words, you can focus on
store optimization and product pages.

The structure of the point is clear.
A clear structure, a point, you
improves your chances of success
and it will help you: how to be
number 1 on Google

Search engines, such as Google,
track the value of the site.

So how do you structure your point
web and how you connect
pages are vital.

Pages that have a lot of interfaces
targeted will seem important to Google.

Pages that don’t have many links will
be less significant to Google.

How to rank No. 1 in Google

Most importantly, confirmation
it needs to be attractive to many

Potential posts, web search tools, must
to stimulate interest.

In conclusion: write the most articles
good quality, do not copy.

In other words, search engines, like
would be Google, I follow
site value.

So how do you structure your point
net and how you connect
pages is vital.

how to be number 1 on Google!
to rank higher.

Pages with many targeted interfaces
will seem important to Google while
pages that don’t have many hyperlinks
will be less significant to Google.

In conclusion, beware of structures
ed points like a guide for Google.

Most importantly, confirmation is
necessary and attractive to many people.

Potential posts and search tools
on the web should stimulate interest.
Find out for yourself.

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