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Online Marketing Grundlagen für Anfänger (2022)

hey guys and welcome toa new video my name is moritzand today i want to give you a shortintroduction how onlinemarketing works theproblem is that most peopledon’t understand how the internetworks even though they use it everyday and what i often do observedthat people jump into anyonline marketing activitieswithout even knowing what they areactually doing as a result the*12and money and in the end it isa big disappointment so that something like thisdoes not happen to you i want in this onevideo talk about a few basic thingsthat will make it easier for you to get started withonline marketing and mygoal is that this video willalso help you in the long termto have a better plan with whichmarketing activities youcan use to grow your company I willtalk about them in this video why youalgorithms verse you have to know why*12you can use this information to create contentthat can also be found by your target groupunfortunately this is talked about fartoo seldom so let’sstart right away I wish youlots of fun watching and let’s go[music]Online marketing itselfactually only describes various activitiesthat are carried outto increase brandawareness, to sell products or to find newcustomers.

*12or subcategory ofonline marketing is, for example, search engine marketing,a search enginethat, for example, googleand also thatsearch engine marketing is divided again into the area very this stands for search engineadvertising this is for example googleads and with google ads you have theoption of not placing a text ad at the topof the google search ifa person enters a certain keyword inthe g oogle search enters the otherarea of*12zation and this areazation and this areas an umbrella term for all activties you can don your website so that your website appears as hih as possible in the searcresults as you can seeresults as you can seethe whole thing is really very entangledmany areas often overlap thereare of course other areasof online marketing, for example videomarketing social media marketing*12but I don’t want to go into that in detail in this video,I thinkit is much more important to understand howthe internet works at all andhow you can create content that can also befound by your target groupand the basic property of theinternet is that itconnects people with each other in otherwords the internet is justa networ king tool with which youcan reach every person via e-mail viainstagram via youtube via podcast and*12you have the possibilityto reach your target groupvia the internet and you have the possibility to reach your target group via the internettoscale companies so without additionalinvestments you canincrease your salesyou can find even more potentialcustomers and thus make a companygrowthe internet really enablesleveragethat has not existed before in this form*12all know areemployees we grew up with that ithink everyone understands thata company that has, for example, 100employees creates more than acompany that only has tenemployees, for example, and in theorythat means that a company withmore employees can alsogenerate more sales in the advantageof the internet i is that you can achieve exactly the same leverage effect through softwareautomation and also throughonline marketing activities*12having to hire more employeesand without having toinvest more working time and money in the long termand to achieve this you have tounderstand algorithms and you have toknow what keyword research isand how it works you have tocreate high-quality content thatoffers added value for other people andthen of course you have to optimize this contentfor the algorithmsi know that sounds a bitmore complicated at first but believe me, once you*12also be able tocreate content that will bring you and your companyfurtherforward talk a few metrics from onlinemarketingand you ha hasprobably heard that before a big advantage ofonline marketing is that youcan evaluate the results in real timeyou can see directly what isworking well and what is not working so welland then you can refer tothis or you can look at this data*12the data to find outhow youcan optimize your content even better in the long term and one of themost important metrics in online marketingis traffic so the number ofvisitors to your websitetraffic is really the key tosuccess you can do the best have a productyou can have the best servicebut if no one can be found then that is of nouse to you either and what i haveunfortunately observed far too oftenis that people create a facebook page, have*12create a website and publish a fewposts and then youwonder why no one has these posts findsthe error is usually that many peopledo not understand the algorithmsvery briefly again to understand thealgorithm that decides whether yourcontent is displayed or lost on theinternet every platformi.


google facebook instagram youtube link in it andso on has an algorithm thatit is programmed differently it alsochanges constantly due to different updates*12content for the algorithm of the respectiveplatform and unfortunately this isa thing that veryfew people deal withanother mistake is that many peopledo not use keywords do the researchi just mentioned that traffic isthe key to success and if youwant to get long term and sustainable traffic to your websiteyou need to optimize content for specific keywordsso your content willshow up and if a personsearches for a specific keyword it is*12business you have it can be a caféit can be a boat driver it can bea woman higheryour target group is guaranteed to usesome weather and you haveto make sure that your company alsogets visibility when yourtarget group is looking for your productor service Search keywordresearch is not difficult either.

Thereare free tools that you can use.

I have already recorded avideo explaining how*12you have to try to find the words thathave little competition andideally a high one blood volume andfor those who use the words it is also easier to reduce directly at the beginningand when you do your keyword researchyou must of coursealso create content for these thewords next.

unfortunately manypeople have the wrong expectations here toomany think they have to onstart maybe write two three blog post enand then again inhalf a year write another block book*12but the hard reality is that itreally takes a long time until your content iseven found by anyone anincredible amount of content is produced every dayI have these statistics for thisfound to illustrate this a little betterand here you can see thatin a period of 60 seconds, i.


in one minute, 500 hours of videos are published onyoutube andabout a million us dollars insales are generated in e-commerce that simply showshow difficult it is online to be*12but i don’t want toscare anyone away it is definitelypossible to be found online thenumber of internet users is increasingfrom year to yearthe internet is getting faster and faster thebandwidth is increasing and those area few signs that it’s changing Alsoreally worth spending time in variousonline marketing activityYou definitely need goodstamina and if you tryto create high-quality content for the right keywords and*12you are definitely doing a lotright and you areguaranteed to be more successful in online marketing the keywordresearch naturally refers to thesearch engines, i.


google and alsoyoutube, because you really have thebest chance ofgetting traffic to your website again and again in the long term, but you can best target your target groupif your target group issomewhere else, take a look ateveryone fall on how the algorithmworks there i know that facebook and*12there is unfortunately always the danger that yourcontent will very quickly no longer be relevantthat’s why i think that thesechannels should be used for brand awareness and if so you reallymet long term Ifyou want to havefic on your website then you should focus on search engine marketing right at the beginningand if you really wantto learn more about it then I can onlyrecommend you to create your own website.

The website may be of someinterest that you have it canreally be*12start doing the keyword researchfor this he provides content for these keywordsthis can be youtube videos thiscan be blog posts and thenjust observe how little by little thetraffic changes there will definitely bea few It can take monthsbut if you really keep at it you will be able tosee the progress.

Of course you also have to keepreflecting on what works well andwhat doesn’t work so well and thengradually optimize the content,*12work but it’s worth it because you throughthe internet and through the algorithms ofthese Leverage hate which I wastalking about earlier when youcreate good content your content isusually shared by other peopleand the algorithm also helps youreach even more people withoutyou having to do anything and that’swhat all online marketing does toointeresting ihope you enjoyed this short introduction i hope you were able tolearn something new and i*12video willhelp you to better optimize your online marketing activities in the futureif you have anyquestions then feel free to write me inthe comments give dem video athumbs up because it’s good for theyoutube algorithm and subscribe toa channel so you don’t miss anyvideos of mine in the future thanksagain for watching andhopefully see you in the next video[music]

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