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Fast food is the favorite of every state
fast food restaurant.
From favorite to local cultures

You can only get Milo

Hamburgers in Alabama.

The Milo’s original burger

consists of a fresh-grilled

patty, its famous secret sauce,
onions, and pickles.

Tommy’s Burger Stop is
a small diner in Anchorage that

specializes in Cajun-influenced
burgers and po’boys, in addition

Its burgers are humongous
and packed with flavor. As a rule


Known for its large portions, you

it may certainly depend on Filiberto’s
for your Mexican appetite.

 Also the favorite thing on the
the menu is the Arizona burrito, made

of carne asada, pico de gallo,

potatoes, and cheese.

Slim Chickens

is the go-to fast-food

chain in Northwest Arkansas.

consequently, he is proud of her
natural chicken offers,

and there are 17 dipping
sauces to choose from.

In particular, you will be pressed
to Find a Californian Who

doesn’t love In-N-Out.

In general, it’s not so secret

menu includes

Animal-Style burgers and fries.

You can definitely get even a burger
with a salad bun.

The first Chipotle
opened in Denver in 1993, but

Since then, it has been open with results
about 2,600 locations in the US.

While burritos, bowls, and

tacos are the bulk of its orders,

Chipotle’s secret menu includes

quesadillas and loaded nachos.

Duchess is a 14-restaurant chain

found only in Connecticut.

It has all-day breakfast platters,

but the crown jewels are
the breakfast sandwiches.

Capriotti’s is known for its
turkey subs and cheesesteaks.

The signature is the Bobbie, which

is basically Thanksgiving on a roll.

People love Pollo Tropical for its

juicy chicken
and Caribbean flavors.

Its chicken is marinated for hours

and flame-grilled for the best flavor.

Fast-food giant Chick-fil-A
was founded in Atlanta in 1967.

Since then, it’s opened
about 2,600 US locations.

The waffle fries are the
most-ordered menu item,

even beating out the
original chicken sandwich.

People go to Zippy’s for
local comfort food in Hawaii.

It serves both classic diner

food and Hawaiian-style food,

such as saimin and Chili Moco.

Boise Fry Company has great burgers

but it’s famous for its french fries.

You can choose from six kinds of

potatoes and five different cuts,

not to mention the nine dipping

sauces, which include blueberry
ketchup and pumpkin aioli.

Portillo’s is known for
its Chicago-style hot dogs, topped

with mustard, relish, onions,

tomato, pickle, sport
peppers, and celery salt.

Whoo! But its best-kept secret
is the Cake Shake, which has

a whole slice
of chocolate cake in it.

Steak ‘n Shake gives
you a classic diner vibe with

its breakfast,
burgers, and milkshakes.

Customers love the Frisco Melt,

the restaurant’s version of

a patty melt.

Maid-Rite specializes in
loose-meat sandwiches,

which are similar to sloppy
joes without the sauce.

But there’s a secret spice
blend that packs a punch.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and

Steakburgers is known for

its friendly service, retro vibe,

and delicious steakburgers.

It also serves some unforgettable

frozen custard and sundaes.

While the original recipe
was created in Kentucky, KFC

has become a worldwide phenomenon.

It’s the world’s second-largest

the restaurant chain, after McDonald’s.

While Popeyes was founded
in New Orleans in 1972, we’re

choosing Raising Cane’s
for its chicken fingers.

With roughly seven items

on the menu, an emphasis

is put on quality over quantity.

The Highroller Lobster Co.

makes awesome lobster

rolls and burgers.

Another must-have is the
lobster cheese crisp taco.

Boardwalk Fries serves some
of the best fries in Maryland.

Its fries are cooked multiple times,

lightly salted, and served fresh.

America runs on Dunkin’, but

Massachusetts is where it was birthed.

Known for its fast service
and affordable prices, Dunkin’ is

a reliable place to get a quick bite
and even faster coffee.

Leo’s Coney Island is a restaurant

the chain found specifically in Michigan.

It’s popular for breakfast and Greek

specialties like
gyros and Greek salad.

Dairy Queen is headquartered
in Minneapolis.

Its most well-known
item is the DQ Blizzard,

which has more than 20
flavors to choose from.

Zaxby’s has more than 900
locations, mostly in the South.

It’s known for its chicken finger plate,

which includes chicken
fingers with Texas toast, coleslaw,

crinkle fries, Zax sauce, and a 22-ounce drink.

Lion’s Choice specializes
in roast beef sandwiches, mainly in the St.

Louis area.

These sandwiches are made

of real top round beef
and served medium-rare.

The Pickle Barrel makes some

of the best cheesesteaks and

subs in Montana.

They’re made with fresh ingredients

and are generously portioned.

A runza is a classic Nebraskan food.

It’s basically a Hot Pocket with beef,

cabbage, and onions that originated

from Nebraska’s German and Russian

immigrant populations.

Port of Subs is known for its fresh,

sliced-as-you-order subs, ranging

from 5 to 24 inches.

Similar to Subway, it has an assembly-line
setup for a quick meal to go.


Mac’s specializes in mac ‘n’ cheese.

It offers 21 flavors, including the

Taco Mac and Pizza Mac.

Jersey Mike’s is known for its

quick service and fresh hoagies.

One of its most popular sandwiches

is the turkey and provolone.

Blake’s Lotaburger was
founded in Albuquerque.

The signature is the LOTA burger

with green chili and cheese.

It’s said that the LOTA
the burger was a large contributor

to popularizing green
chilies on hamburgers.

Shake Shack started as a hot-dog

cart inside Madison Square
Park in New York City.

As it grew into a park stand

and then multi-restaurant
chain, it expanded the menu

to include burgers, fries,
and frozen custards.

Even today, the Innovation

The kitchen at the West Village

location is trying out test items.

The foundation of Bojangles

is its fried chicken and biscuits.

Other standouts are
the Cajun Filet Biscuit and

the Bo-Berry Biscuit.

Space Aliens Grill & Bar is an

outer-space-themed restaurant

chain found in North Dakota and Minnesota.

The fun decor is filled with neon

lights, alien status, and arcade games.

Skyline Chili is known
for its three-way dish, consisting

of spaghetti, chili, and cheese.

In fact, you can topmost menu

items with Cincinnati-style chili
and a mountain of cheese.

Sonic is headquartered in Oklahoma City.

Its iconic drive-up layout makes

ordering quick and in-car dining easy.

Popular menu items are the
foot-long hot dog and slushies.

Burgerville is a restaurant chain

popular in Oregon and
southwest Washington.

Its burgers and milkshakes are

staples, but it’s the seasonal items
that people look forward to.

Another fun fact is the
chain uses 100% wind power

for all its restaurants.

Wawa isn’t just a convenience

store, but a way of life for Pennsylvanians.

Hoagies, coffee, gas, breakfast,

snacks; just name it, and you can

get it at Wawa.

Olneyville New York System

is known for its hot
wieners and coffee milk.

The hot wieners are topped

with yellow mustard, meat
sauce, and chopped onions.

Waffle House is a Southern staple.

Whether you’re going in for

an early breakfast
or a late-night meal, you can

find dependable 24-hour
service and delicious food.

Giliberto’s Mexican Taco Shop

has two locations in South Dakota.

It serves mouthwatering Mexican

food, such as carne asada and

carnitas tacos.

Krystal is a Southern fast-food

chain founded in Tennessee.

It’s known for its iconic sliders,

similar to White Castle.

But don’t underestimate
this small sandwich; it’s the

most popular thing on the menu.

Texans love Whataburger a lot.

Its patties are served
on a 5-inch-diameter bun,

making it bigger than
a lot of other burgers.

Other standouts are the patty

melt and Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.

Crown Burgers serves both
fast food and Greek cuisine,

but its claim to fame is the

Crown Burger, a cheeseburger

with lots of pastrami.

Al’s French Frys is a
small-town burger joint in

South Burlington.

It’s been serving burgers and fries

to Vermont locals since 1946.

Biscuitville is a popular fast-food

chain in Virginia and North Carolina.

It specializes in Southern
breakfast classics like biscuit

sandwiches, grits, country ham,

and hash browns.

Dick’s Drive-In is a
Seattle-based fast-food chain

that focuses on burgers,
fries, and shakes.

It’s a signature burger, the Dick’s

Deluxe, is simple, but delicious.

Tudor’s Biscuit World
is a restaurant chain commonly

found in West Virginia specializing

in breakfast and biscuits.

Culver’s is a Wisconsin favorite.

The must-haves are the
ButterBurger with frozen custard.

And since it’s Wisconsin, you’ve

gotta try the fried cheese curds.

Taco John’s was founded
in Cheyenne in 1968.

Since then, its tacos have

made it all over the Midwest and
Rocky Mountain region.

Popular menu items are the
quesadilla taco and Potato Olés.

While they aren’t technically states,

here are the favorite
fast-food restaurants from

Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico.

Ben’s Chili Bowl is
beloved in Washington, DC.

Regulars order the half-smoked

smothered in homemade beef chili.

El Mesón Sándwiches is
Puerto Rico’s largest restaurant

chain, with 37 locations.

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we should cover next? Let us

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