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Umstrittenes Network Marketing – Der Lifestyle des Jungmillionärs Richard Büttner

fat carts pretty women for theyachts was live through my ownproject i make about 800,000 a yeari’ve definitely earned a bitmore than a millionfrom the supermarket till to a millionairethe boy here is doing it inaddition we will release a hollywood filmnext richard bittneris in his mid-twenties and a star in hisindustry will say that’s anextremely extremely ins educational person forme it’s an industry and it’s quite*12world of quick money and bigpromisesI’ve already realized once again that Imany many things have thatcan help humanity we cameacross richard on the internet on instagramhe gives the richie richprivate jet luxury travel champagne bottlesare more than 400 thousand followersseems to like it only we get it allthat matters we don’t understand that atfirst yes we have justwrite to each other on instagram m and asked*12he agreed let’s see what’s behindthese glossy shots for a lifeactually we will visit you inthailand will has no permanentresidence all year round he jets around the worldright now he’s for a few days inphuket definitely king of the hillwork here where others go on vacation that’s philipp’s motto is definitelynice here so it’s kassel where youtogether with 20 others herented the holiday resort the boysbelong here*12walk-in closet smalljacuzzi bathtub whateveroutsidethe 17,000 euros rent is on hiscap for richard and the peanutslittle project i make about 800,000a year then through investments isalso going very very well i have this oneyear alone by the price increase ofbitcoin made almost 200,000 euros youyourself that’s not a little millionaire biYou’re easy, so I’ve definitely alreadyearned a little more than a million and that at the age of 24 richard*12more on that later,in any case, he has enough time besides his jobfor a nice goal iprogram, which I quickly notice suchexcursions partly marketing himselfwhile swimming with elephants he isaccompanied by two camerameneverything is then shared oninstagram richards message look hereyou can have a life like that but hedoesn’t see himself as a salesmanbut as someone whoinspires people i have always known*12that can help humanity just mymy views the core messages willdefinitely become the best version ofyourself so some peoplemay come here and they prefer to ridethe elephant instead of coming here andthemselves to take care of the elephants tofeed them and with to bathe them andjust really build up friendships and alsowith animals so yes, hedefinitely has his joy in the elephantsis the one from the pachydermswho makes quite a business*12elephants neither merkel seehe is still 24 and therefore this elephant isreally playful and that really bothered me atfirst although they allearn hundreds of thousands of euros in partthat they are actually almost likechildren life as a half insta celebrity hasadvantages with itagain and again becomes a judge for examplefrom hotels and restaurants are invitedand the women here are also hopingfor something from its reachthe models once took part in thailand’s next*12a docu-soap richard and two of hisbuddies are allowed to participate as extras[laughter][music] inthe end sees the whole thing then on youtubeso out richard has prevailedhe is not graduated probe rn pulled to thetoileti noticed before thatif you have good vibes you seeother people and with good vibeswe flew here and thoughthaye would be cool if we got to know people here too that’s*12n’t have thought of it either, but he says quite wellof himself that he’s a spiritual person, the whole thing sounds on instagramand co.

all that wouldn’t mean much to you,yes, I mean social media in general,people act like theyhave something good want to do because youthink it’s good in front of the camerabut don’t care aboutyourself earning as much money as possiblenot paying your employeesproperly he thinks and acts differentlysays richard some of his instagram posts*12critical of capitalism he writes, forexample, welcome to ourworld today and to whom money means more thanfamily and god how does that fit togethermmen its a relatively good life what youlead with this saying that thesethings are apparently much more important thanother things so how does that fit togetherin the end wearing nice things is inmy opinion not reprehensible to be innice hotels that whatmost don’t understand people andtherefore never have the success*12, the point is that they think thatsomewhere spirituality and peopledoing something good and earning moneyand doing something good for yourself twothings are completely far away are apartbut what you don’t know is that thedalai lama also kick prada stripper welli didn’t know no idea whererichard died before but thewisdom of the dalai lama paired with thebusiness acumen of steve jobs and where inbetween i have the feelingrichard sees himself shooting*12quite difficult it is now thethird day in a row that he put usa bit difficult with him and idon’t know exactly if it’s becausehe somehow doesn’t trust us ordoesn’t want to let themget to him but it’s just distributedbut it’s really difficult for us because weare sitting here in thailand andwant to shoot with him and it just doesn’twork out that well but then itstill worksrichter shows us where exactly he*12markets live short email is the name of the company he worksfor as afreelance salesman on theinternet platform people should learnhow they can earn money with speculation on currencies200 euros access to email costs alittle less in the first month in thefollowing months there are toolsexplanatory videos and supposedly hot tipsfrom trailers the promise everyoneshould be able to learn how to at thestock market putty makes we already have peoplein the first month directly through the*12have alreadyhelped single mothers so that theycan give up their job and take time tolook after their families beforehand manydifferent examplessome people also need longerto understand the whole thing of course thenbut these people deal with it in theend it’s likethat if you use it correctlythen later in the film we meetpeople who see it a little differently andmostly on gold and that’s*12so with stock exchanges it was actually quitecomplex are with the kingsas if it were allchild’s playno idea if that’s truerichard got rich through so-called multi levelmarketing also called network marketingwhenever he gets someone toregister with ml for a feerichard gets a share of the sales becausethis customer of the platform brings ifyou have three customers bringIf you end up making the company a turnover of no*12to 180 euros a month happens if youhate an organization made up of twelve customersand at the 600 to 650 dollars passively150 dollars a week with richardit’s over by the way the 15,000 euros a weekhe not only earns from directlyrecruited customers, there is also a share of the turnoverwhen people he brought to theml advertise others whenhis boys get new customers here, richard earns it too, and even ifthese customerscome at some point who*12i said at the timethe potential customers are usually writtento on facebook or instagram thenfollow the so-called calls asking howcan i change something in my lifedo you want you want to have a littlemore money yes you canprobably not flying there orthat’s exactly what I couldn’t do threeyears ago either three years agoi didn’t know where i wanted to be in five yearsthree years ago i didn’t knowwhat i would pay my rent the*12riches she’ll try quite ofteni stood by everything to be quitesimple and to get his selling pricesright there is alsothe so-called measure to motivate richard’s topichere personality developmenta little more music[music]i also wanted to do the typicalmotivation [ __ ] i’m definitely extremely happy that you’re all here i’m definitely grateful forwhat we do the last 18 19 months*12really offer people the added value extensivelythen we can reallycreate a change for that ialso asked you to let goto make space for new things that you have yourmost important object in your life tobring with youdiego will be walking around right now andyour important sten object a guyand so end up in the bag, amongother things, an expensive iphone the mobile phone anda valuable necklaceand then the surprise says so*12you still need a littletime definitely doesn’t get thatgood at first with the motivation trick withletting goi just had the feeling that manyof you are at the pointwhere you cling too much to what youcurrently have and are therefore notopen and ready for new thingsso i can mastermind richard after almostan hour and a half at some point theydon’t really follow it anymore but hischest they think it’s great [applause] and even though the*12I know why but I wouldn’t really be in themood for it if I sawthis cell phone again, well I’m so happy that happenedbecause now I can do akind of reset sowe can start all over again not to say what isright means so it is a mentor webut would you doubt iwould say that is an extremely extremeins offer the person for me is alook me definitely every timea lot for higher frequency yes and me*12learned a lot of crass things,I often learn things from himthat I don’t actually understand at alland it’s really difficult todescribe what kind of person is for me, but the Finn woman is a person who hasa very big influence has on me andmy whole life oh sothe bag wasn’t really buried by the way theboys all got their stuff back[music]to win new customersrichard and his colleagues regularly invite them to*12the audience is quite youngmost of them are around 20richard business partner miguelexplains how a markets live worksand e r reports how he wasmade aware of the business by anacquaintance who said what are your doubts why doubts toa whole why do you think it didn’twork well i said yes the 40 ismuch too nice and why should westill go to work let’s not everyone does itthat can’t behe he said to me that i will*12mr miguel if you want to knowhow a coca cola tastes like what do youhave to do try it and theni couldn’t do anything say more since i took themoney started and tried thewhole thing so istarted driving my firstprofits made my first – mademore and more behind itand at some point i earned more moneyand up so from from morningto 12 o’clock at noon when mydo all day work was only with the*12all sounds totally simple again anduncomplicatedit follows the appearance of the star guest of theeveningmany people drove like you todayand just wanted to watchhow you talk what he says when heis definitely a role model and an idolfor very, very, very many peopleout there and believe for the peoplewho are new here we probably thinkdig deep god yes i do that ijust wait until he has finished*12lifestyle video that is definitelybrutally crass[music]and then it is Richard is beating thedrum many peoplejust don’t understand theseindustries what we do that it creates a lot ofgood things like themaxlive remuneration plan, forexample, richard is again throwing pretty bignumbers around the company iscurrently making six figures a week yeah thatThese are numbers that I could not have imagined when*12ago there is a round of questions ayoung man wants to know where richardlearned all this i started reading hundreds ofbooks seldom finishedreading them but the most importantinformation is alwaysat the beginning of a book relatively earlybecause when you write a bookyou want it of course also that thereader stays on the ball and that you give a lot ofinformation at the beginning because manypeople don’t read books to the endthat security knows and that’s why*12possible and then richard talksabout his plans for the future nextyear i will nowtake over for a charity party that wewill lounge at the end of this year early next yearand that is my goal 50 to 100million next year to travel forcharitable projects then inaddition we willrelease a hollywood film next year with two of my businesspartners would like to have properties onevery single continent around minesecuring*12family definitely building schools hehas good planshe has definitely convinced the crowd with his presentation richardonce said that was right is goodfits the messages of wealthand easy money theyget caught even with these 17-year-oldwarehouse clerkslike probably now so it’s alsovery likely in the foot itmight take two three four fiveyears but it’sreally possible that watch the videos*12and then focus on thatit’s just like if it’s ahobby not everyone sees it that way wolfbrandes is a financial market expert and took a closer look at1live for the consumer advice centerthe band is then please tell mewhat kind of complaints did youget from the consumeradvice center once thought about it thatyour universities act k could you shouldpay an entrance fee andwaive it if you recruit more membersand you earn if there are*12pyramid schemes are fraudulentscams with overpriced or non-existent products only ifnew customers and thus newskaters keep coming in if thatat some point it will no longer workthese systems collapse so farthere has only been the suspicionof some customers thatmarkets life could be an illegalpyramid scheme nowyou should learn at markus life howto trade i.


how to example*12from your perspective how risky is thewholeoffer last training platformsand since people have a certainamount of time to do so the training there ispromised that youcan learn to trade the markets like a professional in a short timeone parks doubt because o bthe dollar falls or rises against itthat can hardly be foreseen, even for professionalsthat you are there is a smallprivate consumer starts doing in thelong run that is doubtful insured*12is deliberately relaxedhow do we come about this because itis a pyramid schemeone thinks about how many people there are he does thejob work are unhappy, forexample people from me or from myorganization see and think soyes that’s all illegal that he can’t work theimagination is simply notthere but only because others people can’timagine that it’s possibleand that’s legal it doesn’t mean that*12simply have too little information theydon’t know judgment are hastythat people don’t want to have in mycompany are thatpeople who I want to have around mewho have no idea what theyr eden knows is obviously wrongbut on the internet because have the time anda guy to write to behonest i haverespect and love for everyone buti can’t take it really seriouslyeml is not the first network*12for it starts withhim five years ago in his home town of saxony-anhalt in his 140,000 euro car, richard showsus the village he comes fromright here is the first mobile i got backthen with my grandfather whobought more and it would have been aproperty renovated andthen rentedout from the east german province to thewide world when he was at school itdoesn’t look like richard would be in the eleventh grade he dropped out of high schoolin*12insurance salesmanbut at some point he didn’tfeel like it anymore eitherif you then at 8 10you quet into the suit that really fits me for 50euros or so cht which labelhas addresses of formerexisting customers from the signal iduna whereyou drive across saxony anhaltand just ring or knock at peopleand i then introduces you for 18years and inoticed that over time thats not thats what i mean*12see howimportant car insurance is alreadyduring his training he goes intonetwork marketinghe sells energy drinks his motherannett isn’t very enthusiastic about it at firstyes then you can with healthyenergy drinks from america and for me it wasjust a simple click cleaningvacuum cleaner seller tupperware soas i said wasn’t really excited ithought i would rather have something a littlemore solid mathematics professor yes*12insurance clerk and finance clerk surewas goodbut what are you doing you are giving peoplethings they don’t need the energyBy the way, there is no longer a drink by the way.

Authorities in several countrieshad accused the company behind the drink ofhaving set up an illegalpyramid systemvia other network marketing companies.

In 2017 richard finally came to twomarkets live[music]there he says he is now Europe*12the world e-mail prize and throwsout his wisdom his motheris also often present at theevents he learned a lot from her saysrichard the trained lettering painterhas been self-employed since the reunification richardis raised by her alone hisfather knows it not really abusethe first ones who stole now back thenannett is proud of what has become of her soni also experience it atevents how often people come up tome and are so, yes, so proud*12commanded eyes when he’s on stagei love that also has me with peoplethere e.

g u connect because a lot of people askme how i sawit because many of course at homeso network marketing isn’t likeme so say it has such a good reputation idon’t understand why yes yes here he sayshe knows why daniel hirschberg mixeswith his own products in the business aroundcurrency speculation for a good six monthshe was like rich has asales partner at rml but then*12the basic idea of the company to bring everyone to the stockmarket is an idiotc stock market 5% in the place is possible over a longc stock market 5% in the place is possible over a longime period that is tocreate it need at least 10,000euros need capital that you do that with25 years often have small 10,000 euroslying on the side the newestthe big stock market be bigi came to connect a month on thestock marketcentury so i can just*12, for daniel, it was finally overwith ml the products are the wayi know them e the products have notimproved extremely over the next and last year and a halfis ahidden end effect so legallycertainly no different with wheat productsbut there are products that are not worth the money todaydaniel says that the trading tips fromml were mostly a use of the toiletthe software on offer is cheaper somewhere elseand the core product from ml isthe learning videos, which you can also get*12people had daniel atml at the time only a handfulreally earned something for many it wasa negative businessin berlin i meet up with richard for alast talk heis housed inone of the most expensive hotels in the city befitting his statushe is here because he wants to start a new business witha friendeml does richer now also has crystalsand as always he thinksas really big business so now*12already make seven-figure sales andthen in the long term I’ll definitely make eight,maybe even nine, butthat’s already 100 to 900 million,so that’s an exception, but everythingbelow that is definitely realistic, but I didn’t actuallycome here to look at your jewelry,but to look at more the things to talk aboutthe medal hirschberg and thefinancial expert wolf brandes achieved via emailwe spoke to consumer advocatesand he said it’s not that easy*12and with speculation on currencies he said you have to keep your hands offit so me I’m basically a verybig fan of consumer protection andyou really have todeal with it too.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to somehow put theirentire savings somewhere in thetrading account and then use acrypt currency, not todiversify,not to observe the markets and thattreating the whole thing like a lotterydoesn’t work,*12, it’s a fact and I myselfthe results of my organization andopportunity absolute focus ontraining and that peoplereally build their business profitablynow there is also aperson you know i think youalso have goods like ml he talks very openlyabout it saying it doesn’t work daniela uesbeck so does he say anything from thename and he says theproducts aren’t good at a dinerherschbach actually promotes his*12products it’s really importantwho you listen to, because if peoplehave their complaints in their own interest,i know if my goalsalso give such a platform,good, but werner with me, so if you’rewith him, but alsoconsumer advocates, she has nopersonal interest and he says letthe fingers of aconsumer advocate say yes you should keepyour hands off what is notnormal in any way but i find it very*12yes but in all honesty i have seen it in myown familyyes yes and that is life-threatening andthen since this daniel he has it tooleft ml after half a yearbecause he couldn’treconcile this with his conscience recommending these products topeople how easycan you sleep with what you do with e-mail i sleep very well myfamily sleeps very well around a 5500partner customers create have very wellsix months are really followed around the*12we didn’t succeedalmost it seems difficult to appear inhis world installed aids andmindsetrichard is a young man whowants to be noticed achieve somethingwants like many his age just isml really the right thing for thatwe have our doubts manythanks for watching philips and myfilm about richard bittner i think we accompaniedhim for almost half a year itwas definitely a trip yes*12thinks of the life and lifestyle of richard bittner and if you want toto find out more aboutnetwork marketing then you are welcome to watch afilm by steffan’s colleagues andas always we will come with a child fora few days

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